In The Mourning

Another fic. Again, I own nothing. I don’t earn any money from this.

It’s been a year since Fred’s death. All of us grieved, but as the time passed by, we understood that we should move on.

Life has been normal after his funeral. It is normal, but not better. All of us — our family, Harry, and Hermione have been thoroughly shaken up because of the whole ordeal.

Hermione has it worst among us. She was Fred’s fiancée. He loved her so much, and she feels the same about him. This is why I’m not surprised that she’s not in a better shape than I am.

But I didn’t know that it’s much, much worse than I thought.

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This is first of some fanfiction I have posted on the Fanfiction website. I own nothing. Characters are J.K. Rowling’s. This is not made for monetary purposes. I just really love HP and Dramione.

“Why him, ‘Mione?” my ex-boyfriend, Ronald Weasley, asked me at dinner at the Great Hall. All of the seventh years should complete their studies, which were interrupted by the previous events. So now, all of us were still at Hogwarts, and in my case, I’m stuck with Ron pestering me about my relationship with Draco Malfoy.

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The Usual Introductory Post

If you’re reading this, hi. Thanks for putting up with me.

I had no intentions to make the whole world read everything I put here. Well, at least, now I do.

Now that you’re here, I guess I should welcome you and warn you to be ready.

Be ready for too much anger, too much love, too much sadness, and too much silliness. Be ready to cringe, laugh, and maybe cry with every word you see in this blog.

Hello, friend. Welcome to my home.