This is Elon Musk’s fault (or whoever invented AI robots in the first place)

This may sound morbid and weird but AI robots have it better.

They’re deemed special and smart right off the bat. They’re granted rights and citizenships so easily–rights that actual, livingbreathingthinkingfeeling humans, for some fucking reason, can’t easily get.

What’s better is that they can be switched on and off. Blink in and out of existence with just a flick of switch and some whirring mechanisms. Then, turned on, with a welcome tone and message, like nothing happened.

Is it bad that I want that for myself sometimes?

I just want to take a break from everything, sometimes. Recently it just feels like I’m swimming (read: treading water) in the ocean–I have my life vest, in all its ugly neon orange glory–but the waves come. One after the other. You intake water, lose precious air, in fighting the waves. To not be swept up. To not drown.

Fuck this. I want an on and off switch, too. But of course, like all other things, this universe doesn’t know the word fair–I’m starting to think that only humans have invented that word. Well, like most things that exist right now. Like AI robots. So we lose the battle and the war. There’s no winning.

But I don’t know. I try to be hopeful, most of the times. That the waves will stop coming soon. That I’ll experience the calm sea soon. That the life vest I’m wearing is enough to safely bring me to shore, in all its ugly neon orange glory. That I’ll stop wishing that I’m an AI robot instead.

Fuck. Being human is weird.


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