Mom always said that I was two years old when I started to sing.

I say that I was two years old when my love affair with music started. It has been a large part of my life for almost two decades–earning adoration, recognition and even money because of it.

They thought that I would be a full-time singer when I grow up. For a time, I thought so, too.

Until I don’t want to anymore.

I wanted to enjoy my childhood going out with friends, eating all the sweets I wanted and not do anything for just a day. There were times that singing–and with it, music–started to feel like a bothersome chore. So I started to to hate it. I stopped singing. Didn’t listen to music as much anymore.

But like they say, first love never dies. (Yep, music is my first love. Sorry, exes.)

My love for music just now manifests in a different way.

Yes, I may not be a full-time singer or a celebrity for that matter, but my passion for music will forever burn.

Like they say, you will never forget your true love.



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